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Here are some of the Projects that I have made.I can't link all of them as there are a lot, but a few are listed below.

Line Follower Car


I created a smart car that used to run autonomously on a given black line and follow it. I showcased my project among various peers in my school 

Smart Home App


Well, This Was Definitely An Interesting Project.

I created A smart Phone App that  allowed me to control my home lights using my smartphone via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Controlled Car


I created a smart car that allowed user to run the car using the mobile phone with a mobile app.I showcased my project to the school Principal and many students.

A All In One Car


I created a smart car that had the ability to avoid obstacles, Follow Line and also can be controlled via Bluetooth at same time

Arduino Shield


I created first ever Arduino Shield that allows user to control lights using bluetooth.I got more than 1800 views on this project as I posted a step by step tutorial for creating it on the internet. Click The Button to view the project.


Wireless Home Automation Using Arduino


This Project was made by me in the year 2019 Itslef.The Project Allowed the user to control The Lights Of His/Her House with Just a click of Button on A Mobile App.

Alexa Supported Water Level Indicator


I created an Alexa-supported water level indicator project that allows us to check the water level of our tank by just asking the Amazon Alexa.

Click The button below to view the project.

Voice Controlled Water Level Indicator

Autonomus Car


Well, Who Doesn't Like Smart Cars, Right. I created this Smart Car That Used to Avoid Obstacles and Used to Measure the distance using Ultrasonic Senor, And The Car changes its direction When there is some obstacle in front of it.